The Museum of Romanian Peasant Woman – dedicated to women from Maramures

The Museum of Romanian Peasant Woman

The Museum of Romanian Peasant Woman is a tribute to all women for the roles played in our lives. Situated in the village of Dragomiresti,  Maramures region, it’s a traditional house of a peasant woman.

The Museum of Romanian Peasant Woman story

This wood house was the home of Ileana Chis, and was built between 1720 – 1721. Nowadays, the edifice is transformed into a museum and offers to all tourist fantastic stories, legends from the region of Maramures. Is full of attractions dedicated to women occupations and romanian folk costume – mother, teacher, lover, and sister from old days.

It is said that Ileana Chis, the woman who lived here was a beautiful woman, but she died single. She usually said that his man was not born yet. Her three pot still remains in the yard with the red pot on it. Three with pots is an old tradition used for houses where unmarried girls lived.

The writer Nicoara Timis, relative with Ileana Chis, managed this house and transform it in today’s museum. Thanks to him, Maramures is proud to have a unique museum such the Museum of Romanian Peasant Woman as a dedication to Maramures women. This traditional edifice is built in Maramures style. This style consists in circles patterns, straight lines, all plaited together.  Outside is surrounded with wattle fence.

Around the house travelers can discover spindle with bells. This object from Maramures has an unusual story.

There was a normal boy that fall in love with the most beautiful girl from the village. He starts to show her his real filings by going in her house and have diner with entire family. If the girl would follow the guy when he go outside the house, means that she like him. But this girl knew that she was beautiful and attractive and didn’t follow the boy. Because he missed her and wanted her, the boy made a spindle with bells.

The bells from this thing could be opened only if one piece was removed. He went again to the girl and showed her the object. He said to her that she will become his wife and can keep the object only if she can pry the bells.  Of course she couldn’t so they marry and never find the secret how to remove the bells. This is just one of the legends known by the locals.

Maramures offers captivating traditions and legends that all travelers will enjoy. The wooden churches of Maramures are outstanding examples of a group of architectural results from different eras.

Visit now the Museum of Romanian Peasant Woman and discover romanian culture facts, romanian traditions, all the attractions, stories and legends from the region of Maramures!

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