Alexandru Ioan Cuza – first ruler of the Romanian National State

Cuza was born on March 20, 1820 in the city of Barlad. His father was Ioan Cuza and came from an old family of boyars with administrative functions in Moldavia. His mother was Sultana Cozadini part of a Greek-Italian family from Constantinople. Young Alexandru had a good education in boarding school, studying in Iasi under Victor Cuenin Frenchman. He took high school diploma in Paris and started the Law and Medicine but didn’t finish its.

Entered as a president in District Court of Covurului (1849 – 1851; 1855 – 1856) and got married with Elena Rosetti on April 30, 1844. Miss Elena was the daughter of a Minister for Foreign Affairs and the sister of Theodor Rosetti. Because Elena Rosetti couldn’t have kids, Cuza bear away from her and found a mistress named Maria Obrenovici. She gave him two sons that were raised by his wife. Cuza didn’t drink a lot, but he loved coffee and card games.

Cuza was chosen the ruler of Moldavia on January 5, 1859 and in Wallachia on January 24, in the same year. In Moldavia he was chosen without a division and in Wallachia, because now one heard about him, this situation was discussed in Hotel Concordia. A day later he was chosen with one voice in Wallachia. The phenomenon of the United Principalities could be done thanks to the favorable international context. Because of the wars and other problems Austria and Turkey accept double election of Cuza.

He initiated a series of internal procedures aimed at unifying the state apparatus through administrative arrangements. Cuza united: post, the monetary, military, centralize administration and the telegraph. Customs services were merged, were formed the Central Committee and the Court of Cassation. He also opened The University of Iasi on October 26, 1860.Monstrous coalition, consisted in plotters and people that were against Cuza government obligated him to abdicate in the night of February 22 1866. They believed that he wanted to make a personal government. Because Cuza he did not take action against plotters and admitted he would surrender the throne to a foreign principle he`s abdication could be done. Cuza leaved the country and took refuge in a locality close to Vienna. He passed away because of ill health at 53, on May 15, 1873. His coffin was put on Three Hierarchy Church from Iasi.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza remained in Romania’s history and memory as the first person who founded the modern state.

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