King Carol I of Romania – the creator of modern Romania

Carol I was the King of Romanian Principalities and Romania country and he was deliberated the man that modernize the Romanian state. He became king after Alexadru Ioan Cuza was forced to abdicate. His complete name was Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and was born on April 20, 1839.Carol I was the second son of Principle Karl Anton von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (September 7, 1811–June 2, 1885) and the Princess Josephine Frederica Louise of Baden (October 21, 1813- 1900).

His father was part of the old German dynasty of Hohenzollern mentioned for the first time in the 11th century. Carol I had three brothers and two sisters: Prince Leopold (1835-1905), Principle Anton (1841-1866), Prince Friedrich (1843-1904), Princesses Stephanie (1837-1859) and Marie Louise (1845–1912).

He was the personality that transformed Romania in an Independent and Sovereign State. During his sovereign Romania started to have institutions and to be modernized. He reigned for 48 years and in this time he transformed Romania in a constitutional monarchy and started to strengthen the Romanian modern state.

Taking into consideration his activities, most of the historians consider Carol I a greatest statesman of Romania. Internally he introduced a climate of order, discipline and rigor because he knew that this can maintain the modernity of economic structures. He also showed interest for development of education, culture, and for training the younger generation of intellectuals. Externally, he acted to proclaim autonomy and establishment the international prestige of the Romanian state.

To avoid anti-dynastic attacks he was pierced by an exemplary personal life guided by accuracy and fairness. He didn’t accept royal chambers and didn’t let Queen Elisabeth to enter in political matters. Because of this matter the Queen devoted her time to folk art, music and literature and she also published poems and translations under the name “Carmen Sylva”.

Carol I was sure that his role was to civilize this state and educate the generations to come. Carol I deceased on October 10, 1914 at Sinaia but will always remain in people’s memory like the creator of Modern Romania. He was enchanted by the beauty of Sinaia and the surrounding areas, and he built there a beautiful royal residence – Peles Castle, visited today by millions of people.

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