Princess Margaret of Romania – the custodian of the Romanian Crown

Princess Margaret of Romania is the first daughter of King Michael I and Queen Ana (Princess de Bourbon-Parma). Today, she is the Custodian of the Romanian Crown. On March 2016, King Michael I retires from public life and let all his public actions to be fulfilled by Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret establishes a foundation that bears his name, makes charity and loves cookery.

Royal Family of Romania or Romanian Dynasty (also known as Romanian Royal House) is a regal institution that represents Romania in public plan. In this institution take part members appointed by Royal Family that need to respect the special legal document – “Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania”. A simple blood kinship is not enough for a person to be part of the Royal House. He or she need to receive a regal title from the Head of the Family and respects the nation’s law.

Romanian Royal House is part of the Imperial Family of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Romanian Royal Family is affiliated with all great European regal families such as Britain Royal Family (Windsor dynasty), Greece Regal Family or France Regal Family (Bourbon dynasty).

Princess Margaret is born on March 26, 1949 in Switzerland and all her childhood is divided between Denmark, Greece, Great Britain and of course, Switzerland. She studies Sociology in University of Edinburgh from England and works for about 10 years in Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She gives up and goes in Romania with her father to support the Romanian causes, thing than she make even today.

In 1990 Princess Margaret together with her father opens the “Princess Margaret” Foundation which is dedicate to all persons with physical and material problems by any age. Her Majesty goes with Michael I in his tournaments from 1997 and 2002 to support Romania to become member in NATO and European Union.

On September 21, 1996 she marries Radu Duda and since 2001 they live at Elisabeth Palace from Bucharest. Princess Margaret receives the following decorations: Grand Cross of the Carol I Order (1996), Grand Cross of Romanian Crown Order (2011), Great Cross of Malta Order (2003), Knight of the “Legion of Honour” by the French Republic (2009), and Great Cross of Portugal’s Saint Isabel Order (2012).

Princess Margaret is Doctor Honorius Causa of: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine King Michael from Timisoara, Academy of Economic Studies in Chisinau and Pitesti University. Nowadays, she represents Romania as a diplomat. On November 24, 2016 Romanians celebrated 150 years from the establishment of Regal House of Romania.

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