TOP 5 Most Important Writers of Romania

Romania is proud to be the mother country of so many exquisite writers, poets, playwrights and other geniuses in the world of literature. Here is a list of the five most important and much valued Romanian writers.

Ion Creanga was a Moldavian writer who is best known for his volume “Childhood Memories”. Born in 1837, he was a main figure of the 19th Romanian literature until his death in 1889 and a hugely valued national writer afterwards. His genre was vast, from novellas, satires or memories to children’s literature, fantasy and even erotic literature, all of which are seen as Romanian humorist masterpieces. His debut in literature did not come early, as Creanga was actually a priest leading an eccentric lifestyle, thereafter becoming an educator and a politician. If you want to see how the famous writer lived, visit Ion Creanga Memorial Museum in Targu Neamt or his Memorial House in Iasi.

Mihai Eminescu was a Romantic poet. Born in 1850, the revolutionary poet lived only 39 years. Considered the most famous and influential poet of Romania, Mihai Eminescu began writing poetry at the age of 16 as Mihail Eminovici. The national poet delivered an inestimable treasure of verse for which he is considered one of the greatest poets in the world of literature. His most famous work is Luceafarul, a dramatic idyll between an astral spirit and an earthly woman. Make sure you visit the national poet’s Memorial House from Ipotesti, Botosani, where he grew up.

George Cosbuc was a poet, translator and teacher. Regarded as a master of verse, his most appraised works are those depicting and praising the rural life. His writings were used in the communist era to propagandize the relationship between the laboring class and the peasants. Visit his memorial house in the village named after him, Cosbuc (Hordou during his life) in Bistrita-Nasaud.

Octavian Goga was a poet, playwright and amazingly, a politician. He was the prime minister of Romania between 1937 and 1938. His most renowned writings were probably “Mesterul Manole” and “Mr. Notary”. Octavian Goga rests as a controversial figure even today, as his writings are obviously exquisite but his fascist and anti-Semitic beliefs were widely disputed. His last residence was in Ciucea, on a cliff right by the highway between Cluj and Oradea. Make sure you visit the Octavian Goga Memorial House as the large domain exhibits the life of the poet as well as the typical lifestyle of the Romanians in the 1920s.

Tudor Arghezi was a poet, novelist and short story writer of the early 20th Arghezi is probably the most outstanding figure of the literature written between the two world wars. His writing was thought to be revolutionary for those times, with unusual lyrical structures made to shock conventional thinking. His most famous works are “Flori de mucigai”, known for the aesthetic of the grotesque found within, the universe of small things found in “Cuvinte Potrivite” or his religious views rendered in “Testament” or the “Psalms”. Visit the memorial house of the major literary figure Tudor Arghezi in Bucharest, on Martisorului Street.


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