Maramures is considered by many tourists the heart and soul of rustic Romania, with its picturesque countryside of small villages, rolling hills, pastures, and riverside full of wildflowers.

Maramures is a small and unique county placed in the North part of Romania. People have regard-fully and distinctively conserved the culture, traditions and lifestyle of a medieval peasant past.

Namely here, in Maramures guests can find one of the most special village named Prislop. The location is very popular thanks to its feast known as: The Prislop Festival.

Another interesting and catchy feast is: Botiza Festival.  It is the holiday of lovers which takes place in Botiza usually the same weekend as Prislop, but its a two day festival so makes both festivals attainable.

Both festivals are similar. However the festival in Botiza is more of a village festival than the Prislop festival. It is interesting because the festival gather many people with different culture, habits and rules.

Another special festival who’s popularity is growing up year by year is: “Drumul Lung spre Cimitirul Vesel feast” (English: The Log Way to Merry Cemetery). It is organized usually in august. The idea of the festival and the first edition was created and started in 2010.

The purpose of the project is to promote cultural values, spiritual, national and international promotion of ideas, projects, concepts and individuals who have a strong impact in the social, community and spiritual education of citizens in ethnography, folklore, literature, cinema, painting and music.

Started from 2016, the project’s goal is to create a bridge to open a communication channel between rural and urban Romania sending a national message on behalf of more than 12,000 villages from the country:

“We are here! We are together!

We represent something valuable to you!

Visit us! Hear us! Help us! Enjoy with us!”

For seven years The Long Way Festival became a symbol of the region, identifying and promoting traditional values of Romania. The festival is a complex one, with many beautiful elements.

Don’t miss to visit Prislop area!

Calinesti village is one of the precious places of Maramures region because of its traditions and natural beauty. This lovely parish offers wooden churches, houses and gates in Maramures style with a local culture based on a healthy lifestyle.

Legend of Calinesti parish name started with two brothers: Calin and Valeanu. Calin wants to make a home in a place called Hotroapa, close to Hotroapei Fount. This legend said that this parish is called after him, and Calinesti came from the Romanian name Calin. Surrounded with the typical Maramures beauty, tourists can find here important monuments such as the Wooden Church “Caieni”. It is dedicated to “Virgin Mary Birth” and was built in the 17th century. Tourists can see it on the cemetery’s hill. Made by oaken beams united by wooden peg it has an old technique of angle attachments.  This church used to have a few mural pictures dating from the 18th century, but unfortunately these were devastated.  The only ornament that the church has an engraving crosses on the door baffle. The interior floor is made by wooden ply and travelers can discover classical icons and mural paints that every church had.

Being placed in Maramures region, Calineste has wooden gates carved by local craftsmen. The Wooden churches of Maramures are a group of almost one hundred Orthodox churches, part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and this village has his on craftsmen. The oldest wooden gates have ancestral symbols, but the new ones are more massive, robust, and have ostentatious ornaments.  On the wooden gates travelers can find reliefs with diverse versification, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic themes, traditional ears of corn, vine garlands, braided rope, sun and much more.

Another wonderful edifice situated here is the Wooden Church “Susani”. Assembled in the 18th century have a triconc plan, which has a Moldavian influence. Its decorations consist in vine and a cross on the door threshold. The interior is painted with murals applied on textile pieces, but just a small piece of murals remains. This church has rare themes on this area, such as: Abel killed by Cain, Archangel Michael and the four Evangelists.

On the church wall is build a commemorative plaque dedicated to soldiers that deceased in The Second World War.The alley with Maramuresan houses, old well-preserved edifices and the nature that surrounds this fairy-tale area provides a nice and relaxing trip for tourists. A day in this nice place make travelers feel like they live in the grandma’s village.

Romania is a really magical place where every dream comes true. Only here, people tend to manifest in all areas. The best character that describes Romanian people is perseverance. With a lot of determination and some of imagination, they are ready to surprise all planet.

Today, Romania is very famous thanks to special ceramic works and some of them are selling on the international market. We talk about Horezu, Bucovina and Maramures, parts of Romania, which are special by their gorgeous homemade ceramics pieces.

Horezu Ceramics

Horezu ceramics is a unique type of Romanian pottery that is traditionally produced by hand around the town of Horezu in northern Oltenia, close to the famous Horezu Monastery. It reflects many generations of knowledge and skills development of ceramics, which is why the mastery of Horezu pottery was inscribed on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists on December 2012.

Production is divided into male and female fabrication processes. Men extract the earth, which is then cleaned, cut, watered, kneaded, trampled and mixed – transforming it into red clay that potters form in a special finger technique requiring concentration. The women decorate the shaped ceramics before firing with special techniques and tools in order to draw traditional motifs. Women are more qualified in combining decoration and color determines the personality and uniqueness of these pieces. Most colors are bright shades of brown, red, green, blue and so called “Horezu ivory”. Today this craftsmanship is transmitted as always in the family circle, but also in workshops from master to beginner, and crockery festivals and exhibitions.

Maramures Ceramics

Also, travelers can find ceramics exhibition in Maramures, Sacel Village. Sacel is very visited by tourists for its fabulous “Dacian ceramics”, one of the oldest types of ceramics preserved in Romania. This craftsmanship was saved in Sacel for over 2000 years and was transmitted from generation to generation.

The Sacel pots are manufactured in the same style as the Dacian style. The most remarkable fact is that craftsmen are manufactured and decorated using mineral elements. On the masterpieces of pottery visitors can find simple and resemble natural elements like the flow of water, the sun, the line of life, drawings of men, folklore motifs.

The craftsmen assures everybody that the ceramic art will never be forgotten. The secrets of good crafts will be transmitted to the next generations.

Bucovina Ceramics

In Bucovina, tourists can find the unique possibility to admire and explore The Black Ceramics of Marginea village that is already a well-known brand all over the world.

Craftsmen are telling that the beginning of pottery at Marginea started in 1500. Crockery appeared due to the necessity of maintain food. The folkloric pottery gathers traditional elements marked by the life conditions and by the evolution of the aesthetic taste. In Moldova there is much variety in the ceramics forms and characteristics of the old Greek-Roman ceramics are also present. The decoration of the ceramics vases is sparing and the chromatic is reduced to a few main colors, which gives the ceramics from this region, a special feature.

Discover these lovely areas of Romania and be sure that the traditional Romanian pottery is among the most beautiful in Europe. Don`t forget to get your loved one a ceramic gift from your vacation in Romania.

Borsa is a city from Maramures region where tourists can discover and enjoy Rodna Mountains. It is situated between two important protected places, National Park from Maramures Mountains and National Park from Rodnei Mountains.

The name of this city was for the first time mentioned in the 14th century and it was said that this place was part of   Bogdanestilor nation domains. An important incident from the 18th century was revealed when Borsa citizens won against the Tartars. Led by the archpriest Sandor Lupu, citizens stopped the Tartars and won the battle.

As part of  Borsa city are Baia Borsa – an important mine where was extracted copper, silver and lead , and Borsa Resort – a touristic attraction best known for its alpine landscapes and extreme sports.

Borsa is a real healing space for people who suffer for lung diseases, because of its clean air, forests and heights. Natural treatments are used for sick persons. Besides all these, Borsa has mineral waters, and volcanic outputs. If people suffer from urinary, digestive or kidney diseases they can recover by drinking mineral waters rich in iron, calcium, magnesium.

Rodnei Montains, Maramuresului Mountains and Tibau Mountains  protect this region just like a fortress.  Full of path perfect for skis, snowboards or even sleighs, this place give to all visitors a dose of epinephrine required to start the adventure.  Also, guests can find here the tallest natural springboards form entire Europe, with a high of 133 meters.

The city of Borsa offers interesting attractions such as the Wooden Church “Saints Archangels”. This church dates from 1700 and was painted by unknown artists. It has numerous printings that prove the connections with Moldavia and the Land of Romania.

National Park Rodnei Mountains is the biggest protected area from Carpathians and hosts a large number of categories of flora, fauna and glacial relicts.

Reservation Bad Rock will impress its visitors by the highest waterfall named Horses Cascade. Also here, tourists can delight with a numerous species of “lion’s foot” (flower) and other rare plants and animals.

Cornul Nedeii Ciunfii Balasinei is an unheard reservation under the management of National Parc Maramuresului Mountans. This reservation was made to protect birch roosters.

This blessed place by divinity is perfect for a vacation for all travelers. Mountains, clean air and all experiences can transform a normal day into a spectacle and a relaxation day.  If visitors enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, this is a great place for fun.