Calinesti village – the treasure place of Maramures region

Calinesti village is one of the precious places of Maramures region because of its traditions and natural beauty. This lovely parish offers wooden churches, houses and gates in Maramures style with a local culture based on a healthy lifestyle.

Legend of Calinesti parish name started with two brothers: Calin and Valeanu. Calin wants to make a home in a place called Hotroapa, close to Hotroapei Fount. This legend said that this parish is called after him, and Calinesti came from the Romanian name Calin. Surrounded with the typical Maramures beauty, tourists can find here important monuments such as the Wooden Church “Caieni”. It is dedicated to “Virgin Mary Birth” and was built in the 17th century. Tourists can see it on the cemetery’s hill. Made by oaken beams united by wooden peg it has an old technique of angle attachments.  This church used to have a few mural pictures dating from the 18th century, but unfortunately these were devastated.  The only ornament that the church has an engraving crosses on the door baffle. The interior floor is made by wooden ply and travelers can discover classical icons and mural paints that every church had.

Being placed in Maramures region, Calineste has wooden gates carved by local craftsmen. The Wooden churches of Maramures are a group of almost one hundred Orthodox churches, part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and this village has his on craftsmen. The oldest wooden gates have ancestral symbols, but the new ones are more massive, robust, and have ostentatious ornaments.  On the wooden gates travelers can find reliefs with diverse versification, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic themes, traditional ears of corn, vine garlands, braided rope, sun and much more.

Another wonderful edifice situated here is the Wooden Church “Susani”. Assembled in the 18th century have a triconc plan, which has a Moldavian influence. Its decorations consist in vine and a cross on the door threshold. The interior is painted with murals applied on textile pieces, but just a small piece of murals remains. This church has rare themes on this area, such as: Abel killed by Cain, Archangel Michael and the four Evangelists.

On the church wall is build a commemorative plaque dedicated to soldiers that deceased in The Second World War.The alley with Maramuresan houses, old well-preserved edifices and the nature that surrounds this fairy-tale area provides a nice and relaxing trip for tourists. A day in this nice place make travelers feel like they live in the grandma’s village.

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