Viscri – the Romanian village that charmed Prince Charles


Discover Transylvania following the footsteps of Prince Charles in Viscri, in a tour travel in the famous little village situated in Brasov County. After visiting Romania in the year of 1998, Prince Charles of Wales fell in love with the country and arriving in Transylvania in 2002, he found a small village and was soon charmed by its old houses and green meadows and decided to buy a property.

Remotely located from the main road that links Brasov to Sighisoara, these picturesque lands represent a unique richness in Romania’s heritage. A visit in this area is like a throwback in time: old houses, some hundreds of years old, most unrenovated but with a particular charm, country roads and breathtaking scenery.

Today, Viscri is one of the 6 villages with fortified churches in Transylvania included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Viscri gets its name after the German Weisskirch, which means “White Church”, hence the white walls of the fortress.

The church is one of the fortified churches of transylvanian saxons, a Saxon fortified monument, testimony of an ancient population of the area, belonging to the 13th century.

Landscapes of rare beauty, hills and green lawns, alongside peasant homes untouched by the human hand for many years give authenticity to this place. The village is not very wealthy but it keeps the spell of forgotten times. Above the commune an imposing tower rises, the Fortified Tower of the Evangelic Church, surrounded by the walls of the Fortress.

A view from the top of the tower gives a great panorama over the village and the surrounding hills. The church, built around 1100 is the main attraction here, very well preserved, legacy of the Saxons in the area. It has numerous towers, fortifications, high walls and bastions. The interior is pretty simple and sometimes there are sermons and concerts.

Unpaved roads are leading to numerous traditional homes with colored shutters on the windows that invite tourists to get accommodation or a warm meal. Moreover, this tour travel reveals some of the inhabitants occupations, besides the prating of agriculture. So, by the end of the ’90s a project came to life, the making of socks from natural wool, initiated by two Germans established there.
Crocheted from old sweaters, the socks are made with love by dozens of women in the village. It’s a specificity of the place, the doors decorated with thick wool socks form a nice view. In addition, no matter if it is summer or winter, hats, sweaters, gloves or slippers are sold by locals.

This tour travel puts you in contact with the life in the countryside, filled with traditional customs, the typical cuisine of the place and the charming accommodations in historical houses. With a population that reaches almost 1000 inhabitants, Viscri receives thousands of tourists every year.

Discover Transylvania in a unique matter, in the heart of Romania, with lands forgotten by the passing of time. A small village turned, with the help of Prince Charles, in a perfect getaway from the stir of today’s world, where you can recharge your batteries.

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